Welcome to ICPF 2016


On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to participate in The 3rd International Conference on Pharma and Food (ICPF2016), on November 16-18, 2016, at the Nippondaira Hotel in Shizuoka, the heartland of Mt. Fuji.

   The popularity of functional foods including dietary supplements and natural health products is growing at a remarkable speed, and is impacting health promotion, as well as disease prevention and therapy. Despite their popularity, the efficacy and safety of functional foods have been investigated using the rigorous methods of the life sciences. Efficacy and safety issues are further complicated by the fact that functional foods are also frequently taken with prescription drugs.

   The importance of pharma-food relationship is now widely recognized by the medical and life sciences community, and has become a pivotal topic for the future of health promotion and disease management. This conference focuses on multidisciplinary scientific research in areas such as the functionality and chemistry of drugs and foods, and features lectures by internationally-renowned scientists who will discuss the latest research, concepts and application of functional foods and drugs in health promotion, longevity, and disease management. The conference is an excellent opportunity to network with pharmacologists, food scientists, and clinicians from around the world. 

   The meeting place, Shizuoka City, is a popular tourist destination in November, when the elegant harmony of Mt. Fuji and the autumn leaves reaches its peak. The city is conveniently located 100 miles west of Tokyo, just one hour by super-express train. The Nippondaira Hotel lies in a splendid location on the top of the Nihon-daira Plateau, with a picturesque view of Suruga Bay, the Izu Peninsula, and spectacular Mt. Fuji.

   We are confident that ICPF2016 will be of great interest to you both professionally and personally, and we look forward to welcoming you to Shizuoka this November. 


Shizuo Yamada, Ph.D. 

Organizing Committee for ICPF2016, Director (Professor), Center for Pharma and Food Research (CPFR), Postgraduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka , Shizuoka 422-8526, Japan
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Toshinao Goda, Ph.D., Dean and Professor, University of Shizuoka)

Tatsuya Morimoto, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, University of Shizuoka)

Barbara N. Timmermann, Ph.D., University Distinguished Professor and Chair, School of Pharmacy, University of Kansas, USA

Johan Garssen, M.D.,PhD, Professor of Immunopharmacology, Utrecht University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Head Division of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology