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Innovation of New Functionality by Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharmaceutical technology, positioned in the lower stream of pharmaceutical development process, is the research which condenses the characteristics of active ingredient cultivated during the medicinal process into the vessel called "Dosage Form". However high-potency chemical candidates are discovered, their value as a medicine may be low if their stabilities, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics or physical properties are poor. Our challenging is to improve the disadvantage by using pharmaceutical technology and to innovate the drug with new functionality. In addition, it has been a great concern in the recent therapy to secure clinical efficacy, safety and usefulness. Furthermore, the current Japanese therapeutic fields require innovation of production and administration technologies to meet changes of medical needs caused by aging population and less rate of child birth. To response these social demand is also one of our assignments.

Innovation of pharmaceutical technology is eagerly desired to develop specific dosage form for elderly people or carrier for the missile therapy. Great expectations are growing in the clinical fields on Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Professor  Shigeru Itai, Ph.D.