Synthetic Organic & Medicinal Chemistry

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Toward Aimed at Pharmaceutical Development

Natural products provide unique opportunities for discoveries in many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, and medicine. However, due to the scarcity of natural sources in general, the availability of interesting natural products is often very low. In order to evaluate the usefulness of natural products and their analogs, their efficient preparation by total synthesis is a necessity. The total synthesis of complex natural products has also stimulated the development of new synthetic methodologies and the exploration of new synthetic strategies. Furthermore, the total synthesis of natural products has the advantage of providing diverse derivatives, which enable the detailed investigation of structure-activity relationships. Thus, research in our group centers on the invention of efficient total synthesis of natural products which are expected to be useful as lead compounds for pharmaceutical development. Additionally, efficient total synthesis provides valuable probe molecules that elucidate the dynamic behavior of target enzymes and/or receptors. Significant structural information about such proteins has led us to investigate the development of concise synthetic methods for probe molecules.

Main research areas:

  1. Total synthesis of biologically active natural products

  2. Synthesis of probes for the elucidation of biological functions

  3. Development of novel synthetic methods

  4. Synthesis of the active constituents of foods produced in Shizuoka Prefecture