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The University of Shizuoka Scientific English Program provides English courses to graduate students in the Graduate School of Integrated Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Sciences. The courses give students training in essential practical skills required to communicate successfully in scientific contexts. 静岡県立大学科学英語プログラムは、大学院薬食生命科学総合学府の大学院学生に英語の授業を提供します。学生は、授業を通じて、科学分野でのコミュニケーションを成功に導くために必要な、重要かつ実践的なスキルを身につけるための訓練を受けます。

2020 Course Schedule 令和2年度時間割表

教員プロフィール Instructor profile (Japanese)

Instructor CV (English)

プログラムについての記事 Article about the program (Japanese)

Oral Communication for Scientists オーラル コミュニケーション

This course aims to develop the practical English oral communication skills that graduate science students need in order to confidently visit scientific conferences and institutions overseas. It focuses on key speech patterns and listening, and covers both scientific and everyday English. Syllabus here.


Academic Writing for Scientists アカデミック ライティング

This course aims to improve students’ proficiency in practical scientific writing. It covers the organization, grammar, and vocabulary of scientific journal articles and posters, e-mail, CVs and cover letters. Syllabus here.

Academic writing


  Academic Presentations for Scientists アカデミック プレゼンテーション

This course aims to improve students’ knowledge of and ability to make effective presentations. It covers the five skill areas of written preparation, slide design, verbal and nonverbal communication, and question and answer sessions. Syllabus here.

Academic Presentations


  Independent Listening for Scientists インディペンデント リスニング

This course aims to help students improve their scientific English listening skills, either in class with the instructor, or outside of class at their own pace and at a time that is convenient for them. Syllabus here.


  Small Group Discussion for Scientists スモール グループ ディスカッション

This course aims to further develop the discussion skills of students who are already capable of basic scientific communication. The course is based on topics that the students choose themselves, with the organization and support of the instructor. Syllabus here.



  Scientific Manuscript Editing   科学論文エディティング

This course gives students the chance to edit the English academic papers that they are preparing for publication with a native speaker instructor. Syllabus here.