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Original article
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Original article
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Original article
  1. 吉成浩一、佐々木崇光、渡邉美智子、橘内陽子、竹下潤一: 化学物質の反復投与毒性予測手法開発の現状と課題. 日本化学会情報化学部会誌, 36, 47-50, 2018. doi.org/10.11546/cicsj.36.47 [J-STAGE]
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Original article
  1. R. Shizu, M. Osabe, L. Perera, R. Moore, T. Sueyoshi, M. Negishi: Phosphorylated Nuclear Receptor CAR Forms a Homodimer To Repress Its Constitutive Activity for Ligand Activation. Mol Cell Biol, 37, pii: e00649-16, 2017. doi:10.1128/MCB.00649-16 [Pubmed]
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Original article
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Original article
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Original article
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